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Leo Green, Sr., former State Senator and City of Bowie Mayor

Jack D. Jenkins, former City of Bowie District 2 Council member and Mayor Pro-Tem

Richard D. Padgett, former City of Bowie District 2 Council member and Mayor

M.H. Jim Estepp, former Prince George’s County Council Chair, County Public Safety Director, County Fire Chief

“That's great, let me know what I can do to help.... You'll do a terrific job.” 

Mrs. Leo Green, Jr., Buckingham Section

"You've got my vote this year! My wife and I would gladly put one of your signs
in our front yard if you feel like dropping one off... We get a lot of traffic :) and hopefully when you get elected they'll drive slower! 
Thanks for running."  Zac, Somerset Section 

"Pete-I was in Bowie today and saw several of your yard signs for the election. 
I just got finished looking at your website.  WOW!! Very cool, I am truly
impressed and I know you will do great on the city council.   Just wanted to say
hi and wish you and the family the best, give them my regards and all the best
with your campaign."
   Nate, Rockledge Section

"Good evening Mr. Mellits. I received a note ... If you would like to place a sign in my yard, please feel free to post one. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to voting for you on November 8th.  Sincerely,"  Rashieda, Tulip Grove Section 

"If you would like to have another sign on Kembridge Drive our yard is
 Terry and Paul, Kenilworth Section

 “We would like a lawn sign if you have an extra one……  We wanted to support your candidacy as you have done so much for the community through volunteer firefighting.”      Jen, Buckingham Section 

“I think it is great that you are running.  You are perfect for the seat.”   Jeff, Kenilworth Section

….posting a yard sign….. Absolutely!  Hope to see one soon.”               Jack, Gradys Walk Section

“I wanted to let you know that we would be most happy to support your candidacy, and are fine with you putting up a sign or two on our lawn.”    Kris, Somerset Section

Herewith are letters recently written to the newspaper Editors at 

The Bowie Blade News and The Bowie Star ..........

                                             October 28, 2011

   I have had the pleasure of talking to, working with,  and volunteering for  Pete  Mellits  now  for over 7 years as I am a  Volunteer at the  Bowie Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. Pete and his family have been very active in the Community of Bowie,  and he has been very instrumentally active  not only the  Bowie Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., but also in the P.G. County Fire Rescue Assn., and the  Maryland Fire Chiefs Assn. His dedication to public safety, including promoting issues concerning the enhancement of proactive patrols of  the Bowie Police Department,  and the enhancement of both  recruitment and retention of  Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Service Personnel   here in Bowie, are unsurpassed, as I have witnessed since I have lived here in Bowie for over 35 years.   Effective Communication and Dedication are just two of   Piero  "Pete"  Mellits  strongpoints and I believe he is the best Candidate for  Bowie City Council,  DISTRICT 2.  I will be voting for him on  November 8. 

Jeffrey S. Nigro - Bowie, Maryland

                                             October 1, 2011

   Letter to the Editor

“In Support of  Pete Mellits”

    I wholeheartedly support Pete Mellits as the District 2 City Council Candidate in the upcoming election. I was his Science Teacher at Bowie High School and have known him for 27 years.  He was an excellent, highly motivated student who demonstrated leadership, integrity and character beyond reproach As a Supervising Civil Engineer, Pete manages a Team of other Professionals and makes civil engineering design recommendations and other relative decisions that involve large, multi-million dollar public (Municipal, County, State and Federal) and private, development and re-development projects.  This experience will benefit the City greatly as a City Council member.  There are no other members on the Council, with this type of experience.   He is an intelligent, seasoned, innovative leader whose expertise and management skills have contributed to his Engineering Firm's success.

   Pete has demonstrated a strong commitment to this Community as a current Deputy Fire Chief (former Fire Chief) of the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department and in other high level Public Safety positions. Those positions include Secretary for the Maryland State Fire Chiefs and Vice President for the Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  He has been an active participant in his children’s Schools, Bowie Boys and Girls Club (girls soccer and boys football & baseball).  Pete and his wife Lisa, who works and is totally involved in Pete's Campaign, have raised two outstanding Children. His Daughter, a Dean's List College Senior, plans to attend Medical School.   His Son is in high school.

   As an experienced Fire Service Official, Pete has interacted and worked with numerous County Agencies, State Agencies and Businesses.  These experiences will benefit the City greatly as a City Council member.  There are no other members on the Council, with this type of current public safety experience.  It is a source of pride for me, as an Educator and retired Reserve Officer, to watch Pete, a former student, excel and develop into an outstanding leader within the Bowie Community.  Pete is clearly a great team player and listens to others before he takes action.  I know he will be an Asset to Bowie as a member of the City Council.  Pete Mellits has Public Safety, Land Planning,  Business / Fiscal and Management expertise of great importance to help lead the City.  Serving the Citizens of Bowie on the Council is a natural extension of his Public Service Career. 

I support Pete Mellits as the new District 2 City Councilman and ask that you vote for him also.  I have visited his website
www.petemellits.com and suggest you study his qualifications and platform.   

Mr. George Padar,  

Letter from Jo Bolig, Bowie 

Political Action Committee - PAC
to the Prince George’s County
Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association
In Support of Pete Mellits for Bowie City Council

November 1, 2011

The PAC officially endorses the candidacy of Piero “Pete” Mellits and his bid for Bowie City Council – District 2.  Pete’s 20 plus years of service in the County’s fire service, all served within the City of Bowie, represents true “community service”.  His commitment and leadership abilities, with both Volunteer and Career personnel, have proven to be of great benefit to our combined profession and most important, to the citizens served.

We encourage the City voters to vote for Pete.

The PAC to the Prince George's County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (PGCVFRA) was organized to directly focus on political initiatives for the PGCVFRA, which represents 38 volunteer fire and rescue corporations in Prince George's County, Maryland.  These individual corporations staff 46 stations providing dedicated and continuous fire, rescue and EMS service to more than 700,000 citizens bordering our nation's capitol.  The Association coordinates the interests of 38 independent volunteer fire and rescue companies, including the Laurel Rescue Squad and the Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team.

The PAC oversees political activity and issues of interest to the PGCVFRA.  The PAC monitors the actions and votes of county and city council members and of delegates and senators representing the county in the Maryland State Legislature.  The PAC may interview candidates and/or incumbents seeking election/re-election and may extend endorsement and/or financial support to candidates or incumbents who have demonstrated a commitment to and understanding of the value and importance of maintaining a society and environment that promotes a combination fire department, within the County, including volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

From: Mike Alfieri, Immediate Past Chairman - PAC for the PGCVFRA

Herewith are two letters previously written to the newspaper Editors at The Bowie Blade News and the Bowie Star ..........

October 25, 2009

Letter to the Editor:

“Pete Mellits is My Choice”

This letter is in support of Pete Mellits, who is running for the Bowie City Council position representing District 2.  Pete and I met about 10 years ago, when our sons entered Kindergarten at Kenilworth Elementary School.   Pete was consistently active with his wife, Lisa, for all of the years we shared at Kenilworth.  Our families worked together or enjoyed catching up at most all of the school programs; such as fun fair, field day, fall clean up, ice cream socials, career day, skate night, pizza nights and chorus shows.  Pete was very supportive when Lisa served as Kenilworth PTA President.   Of course, the fire truck showed up often, given Pete’s involvement with the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department.  I often asked how he was able to find the time to work with the schools, go to the kid’s games, volunteer with the fire department, work and make it to BBT for a swim once in a while.  Individually and as a Bowie family, they have contributed in many ways; most of all, by participating in their fair share of what was needed to be done.  Pete’s ability to listen to his neighbors and to work with others to reach the common goal of what is best for Bowie, is exactly what we need on our City Council.  He has an investment in the success of this city since he grew up in Bowie, came back; and raised his own family here and his parents even still live here, as many of ours do.  He has initiative and leadership abilities to motivate people to get the job done.  He is a strong independent thinker, he is credible, he’s committed and he stands by his word.  Pete has so much more to offer to the City than the incumbent.  You should check out his website: ww.petemellits.com.  Pete Mellits is my choice for the District 2 City Council position and I hope you will join me in casting my vote for Pete.

Susan Reilly

October 22, 2009

Mellits a professional

I have known Piero "Pete" Mellits since his 10th-grade high school days at Bowie High School, for the past 25 years. I was proud to be his science teacher. During these years, I have followed his progress within his personal and professional life with great interest and satisfaction. I was elated to learn that a person of such high professionalism and ethical standing, in the community, entered the race for the Bowie City Council District 2 seat. His professional background as a businessman, engineer and long-standing service to the Bowie community as the former fire chief of the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department will be a great addition to the City Council.

Through his professional achievements and contributions to the Bowie community, he has demonstrated strong motivation and dedication to make Bowie a better place to live. As a chief fire officer for 13 years, Pete has exemplified the important qualities of a strong, decisive leader and an independent thinker. Pete has been involved and a strong supporter of his children's schools and BBCG sports (girls soccer and boys football and baseball). Pete has also provided many presentations to Scouting groups, schools groups and community associations dealing with fire service topics and engineering.

It is very exciting and satisfying for me, as his former teacher, to see Pete excel and continue to expand his outstanding contributions to the Bowie community. Based on my following of his dedicated professional and community involvement, I am certain the Bowie City Council will greatly benefit from his demonstrated expertise in public safety, land planning and fiscal planning skills as a leader and a dedicated community member.

Pete is clearly ready to assume the responsibilities as a fresh, new face on the City Council. I am certain that Pete will serve the District 2 City Council member seat in an exemplary fashion, as well as being ethical and professional. I have visited his Web site, www.petemellits.com, and suggest you visit it too. It gives me great pleasure to endorse Pete Mellits for the District 2 seat.                                                                          

GEORGE PADAR / Bowie High School retired teacher